Newsletter 24 May 2022

Hi all,

Our production of The Coronation of Poppea is now over, and it seems to have been very well received by the audiences. The comments I received from audience members, and those that others tell me they received, certainly seems to have been the case. Most of the cast members seemed to think it was the most challenging thing we’ve done so far. As our MD, Mark said to me afterwards, “We like a challenge!” I think it was well worth it.

Katharine has posted lotsa good pics from the dress rehearsal on the website, so do click on the link and have a look.

I’ve also linked Susan DuPont’s review for NODA which you might like to read.

We entered into a charity twinning partnership with Mandy Allen of Shirehall Plain Antiques on behalf of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Mandy’s letter is below.

Subject: Fundraising

Dear Molly,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to sponsor The Coronation of Poppea and for being able to raise funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The buckets proved very fruitful and the final count is £143.60 in cash raised in the buckets. With the £100 from Shirehall Plain Antiques Centre it was a complete success for the charity. Thank you to everyone involved in making the decision to allow us to sponsor NNCO on this occasion.

Mandy Allen

Next up is our AGM which will take place on Monday 20th June, at 7.30 pm at the Holt Youth Project, NR25 6DH. Drinks and nibbles will be provided after the meeting, and we look forward to seeing as many as will (an old Morris dancing phrase) on the night.

Cheers, Peter Walters – Largo al Factotum