Threepenny Opera Cast and crew

North Norfolk Chamber Opera Presents The Threepenny Opera

By Bertold Brecht & Kurt Weil.


Auden Theatre Holt April 11th, 12th, 13th 2013


Cast in order of appearance


Narrator Nicholas Hills

Mr Peachum Des Holmes

Mrs Peachum Janet Bryant-Heron

The Skivvy Carol Fennell

Gangster 1 Guy Hewitt

Gangster 2 Stephen Mills

Gangster 3 Colin Thackery

MacHeath (AKA Captain and Mack the Knife) Nick Bird

Polly Peachum Sam Hawkins

The Reverend Kimball Nicholas Hills

Jenny Diver Susanne Smith

Tiger Brown Chris Speake

Whores Molly Percival

Berni Alexandrou

Kay Holmes

Christine Blakemore

Bridget Roper

Maggi Warren

Carol Fennell

Melissa Samson

Lucy Brown Dawn Williamson

Smith Colin Thackery

Suky Tawdry Melissa Sampson

Beggar 1 Bridget Roper

Beggar 2 Maggi Warren

Beggars The Audience…

A Voice Christine Blakemore

Herald Matthew Buncle



Stage Direction, Scenic Design & Vocal Coaching Stephen Miles

Musical Director and Pianist James N Laird

Choreographer Joanne Laird

Makeup Claire Thompson

Stage Management TBC

Auden Technicians TBC

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